the proof is in the pudding
We know what we're doing, and we want you to as well. The best place to learn something is from the source, and at FuturePoly every one of our instructors currently works in the video game industry. You can rest assured that you are getting a real education. If you’re having trouble deciding which school to attend, just compare our instructors' portfolios to the competitions'. If you can’t find their portfolios, there's probably a good reason for that. ;)

Jason Stokes

  |  FuturePoly Founder   |  3D Modeling for Games
Jason Stokes has been working in the video game industry for over fourteen years. He's worked on multiple Disney Interactive projects, and worked at ArenaNet for eight years. At ArenaNet Jason helped set the visual standard for GuildWars and
Guild Wars 2 environments. His artwork has appeared in multiple publications, including: Spectrum, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, PC Gamer, and multiple Guild Wars art books. He founded FuturePoly with the belief that a student shouldn't come out of art school 100K in debt and with an outdated skill set. Perhaps most importantly, Jason has recently pioneered a new dance move called “The Squiggler.”


Horia Dociu

  |  Concept Art
Horia Dociu is currently the Art Director on inFamous Second Son at Sony’s Sucker Punch Studios. With fifteen years of industry experience on projects like Valve's Half-Life 2 and the Guild Wars series, Horia has done everything from texturing to environment design to concept art and story boarding. An expert in Photoshop, Horia's focus at FuturePoly is not only to teach the core mechanics of the program, but to introduce students to the high level artistic and design concepts behind generating functional video game art. Horia enjoys learning as much as he loves teaching and is enthusiastic about helping aspiring artists find their place in the interactive entertainment industry. He may look like he's always frowning, but that's just his uni-brow.


Joe Pikop

  |  ZBrush for Games
Joe Pikop currently creates high poly creatures and characters at Motiga. With over 9 years of experience in the industry, his knowledge of ZBrush is extensive, and he has played an integral role in helping companies adapt to next generation demands throughout his career. You can tell by Joe’s immaculate bow tie collection that he is a man of strong character and reputable convictions.


Thomas Scholes

  |  Digital Painting
Thomas focuses on resourceful efficiency using an ever growing variety of tools to accomplish his goal of using art as a lens to understand and communicate life. He believes that motivation is paramount to progress and that in following it first and foremost it's hard to become lost. He enjoys the freedom and natural inspiration that comes from working from abstraction and the chaotic discovery of an image.


Christian Venturini

  |  Character Animation for Games
Chris has worked as an animator in the videogame industry for eight years, and is currently a lead animator at ArenaNet. Having worked at ArenaNet for the past six years, shipping AAA titles, he has learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful, as well as what it's going to take to push into the next generation of games. He is very excited to share this knowledge and help bring new talent into the game industry.


John Germann

  |  Texturing for Games
John Germann is the Senior Environment Modeler at Sucker Punch Productions. Since his start on Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, John has worked primarily as a modeler and texture artist, but also has experience with rigging, animation, design and scripting. He is focused on employing smart techniques to create environments that are immersive and aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and intelligently constructed. That same focus should be practiced on his wardrobe, which is full of video game shirts.


Daniel Dociu

  |  Concept Workshops
Daniel Dociu is an industry legend; a visionary art director in games since the early 90's at companies like Electronic Art and SquareSoft. Daniel is currently Chief Art Director at NCsoft North America focusing on Guild Wars 2. His striking artwork has earned him numerous accolades including a handful of prestigious concept art awards in recent installments of Spectrum. Daniel's unique perspective and emotionally charged approach to design along with his decades of experience in the games industry will give students a rare glimpse into what it really takes to become a serious concept artist. Also, he's from Transylvania. Really.


Kekai Kotaki

  |  Concept Workshops
Kekai Kotaki was the lead concept artist on ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2. His work can be seen on countless book covers, Magic the Gathering cards, and international art publications. Kekai's dark, unapologetic concept art aesthetic has made him a favorite at past seminars and instructional events. People are always impressed with the speed at which Kekai can generate such visually compelling artwork. Usually, Kekai's work is described as "badass"... and if it's not, he'll add a bunch more spikes and fire.


Levi Hopkins

  |  Concept Workshops
Levi Hopkins cut his teeth in the industry as a character and environment artist before switching to full time Concept Artist. He was a lead environment artist on Guild Wars: Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2. Levi’s concept work is heavily informed by his many years of 3-D production experience. During workshops Levi will demonstrate the importance of creating clear concepts that can be easily translated into 3-D game assets. Before embarking on his artistic career, Levi Hopkins was considered to be one of Wenatchee Washington’s finest cherry inspectors. For realz.


Matthew Barrett

  |  Concept Workshops
Matthew Barrett, aka “the human computer,” has been inspiring artists with his creature concepts and environment designs for years. His vast knowledge of architecture and anatomy brings a strong sense of believability and structure to his fantastical creations. Watching Matthew’s concept process is an exciting and rare treat. Warning: Do not engage Matthew in an argument about bird skulls and/or light refraction.


Richard Anderson

  |  Concept Workshops
Richard Anderson’s striking illustration and design style has taken the digital art community by storm. He worked at ArenaNet for eight years, before spreading his wings and flying across the pond to London where he is currently working in the film industry. Richard paints with a controlled chaos that is both exciting and informative to watch. Born and raised on the plains of Montana, Richard has learned to adapt to the modern world without loosing his country survival skills.

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