Frequently Asked Questions
Why does FuturePoly exist?

We want to provide a service where students can learn directly from professionals working in the video game field. Breaking into this competitive market is difficult, and building a strong portfolio under the guidance of seasoned industry veterans is a huge, rare advantage.

What are the enrollment requirements?

While professional-level experience is not required, we do prefer students at least be familiar with Photoshop. We like to discuss each student's individual goals with them prior to enrollment, if you have a portfolio we'd love to see it to get an idea of where you're at, but it is not required.

Do you have any online courses?

You're in luck! In 2014 we added 3D Modeling for Games Online to our course roster.

Is FuturePoly accredited?

No. We believe what we offer is more valuable than credits and degrees: hands-on training from experienced professionals. In addition to teaching at FuturePoly, every instuctor actually works in the industry every day, allowing them to provide you with a truly relevant education. Our instructors know what it takes to get hired in the industry, and they are here to guide you as you build your portfolio.

What type of degree will I get from FuturePoly?

Our sole purpose is to teach you the skills to build a focused, professional portfolio. As an artist, your portfolio is your degree, and it is the first thing potential employers will look at when considering you for a position.

How much homework is there?

The amount of work outside of class is entirely up to you; participation is voluntary. The most successful students are those who take full advantage of the assignments given, and consider the nature and scope as though it were their job. The students who show us their work more often will benefit from more in-class critiques and feedback. We do give gold stars occasionally.

How do I register for classes?

E-mail us at for the necessary forms and information on class availability.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we can send you an online invoice. There is a 3% credit card processing fee.

How many students are in each class?

Each on-site class has a maximum of 18 spots available. Online classes have more.

Do you offer lab hours?

We currently offer open lab Monday through Thursday, from 5:00PM - 7:00PM.

Can I visit a class or stop by to check things out?

Absolutely! Please contact to schedule a visit.